Neighbors Helping Neighbors

We on the HFNA Board of Directors want to make sure that all residents have someone to contact in case self-isolation or mandated quarantine prevents a neighbor from being able to get to the grocery store, pick up medicines, or any other needed activity.

If you need assistance, whether it is borrowing a cup of flour or going to the pharmacy to pick up a prescription, please contact one of the HFNA board members listed below. They will take your contact information and what you need, and then connect you with a neighbor who will be happy to assist!

Kim Riddle: 704-763-1226 John Sechrist: 770-289-9134 Matthew Ridenhour : 704-880-4916

We are also trying to build a pool of folks to call on when we get requests which may be in the next few days to weeks. Please sign up below if you are able to help a neighbor in need.

In these uncertain and challenging times, we hope to use this as an opportunity to connect neighbors and strengthen our community! Thank you for your willingness to help!

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